How Hotel makes money recruiting ladies for prostitution

Media Advocacy West Africa Foundation (MAWA-Foundation) has uncovered how Ambassador Hotel is making huge money recruiting ladies for prostitution.

The hotel located at the Tudun Amana area of Keffi in Nasarawa state has over 100 ladies it recruited for prostitution while they remit monies they make from their customers to the management.

Under the deal, ladies are recruited by the hotel management who keeps them two or one in a room for the sole purpose of prostitution while remitting some percentage of the money made.

Often the ladies are required to remit money they made to the hotel on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis depending on the arrangement each of the ladies has with the hotel management.

Under the arrangement, the ladies are made to pay between N30, 000 to N25, 000 monthly. The fees are fixed depending on the ladies’ ability to negotiate with the hotel management.

Ambassador Hotel which has a beer Palour and restaurant records a huge sales as many young and old men including underage children troop into the hotel to have sex with the prostitutes who usually charge between N1, 500 and N2, 000 per round of sex.

Some of the sex workers who spoke to MAWA Foundation said they cannot leave the hotel and rent a house outside because their business booms in the environment.

One of the sex workers who did not want her name mentioned, told MAWA that the hotel management has a good understanding with the police and ensures officers do not come to harass them.

She however alleged that in some cases, police officers come to the hotel while the management encourages sex workers to give them free sex to maintain a good relationship with them.

“The hotel management encourages us to give free sex to the police officers so that the good relationship we have with them will continue, and that makes them not to come and harass us”, one of the sex workers told MAWA Foundation.

This is even as some of the sex workers in the hotel recounted how they were promised a job in the city by some madams they refused to mention their names and ended up being professional sex workers.

A sex worker who prefers to be called Doo from the Konshisha area of Benue state, said she was brought into the Ambassador Hotel by one of the madams who promised her job not knowing she was coming for prostitution.

Doo while narrating her experience, said she no longer feels bad being a sex worker, while disclosing that she now makes money and sends to her family and siblings.

Another sex worker who spoke to MAWA explained how she came to Keffi in search of admission into the Nasarawa State University, Keffi, and ended up in the hotel as a sex worker.

She disclosed that when she could not gain admission into the university and could not go back to her village, she decided to approach the Hotel, where she took up a job in prostitution.

The sex worker who did not want to disclose her name told MAWA that she does not worry about her job as a sex worker, pointing out that all jobs have its risks and prostitution is not an exception.

When MAWA sought the explanation of the Ambassador Hotel manager, he confirmed that they have lots of ladies recruited for prostitution while they remit monies to the hotel management.

He, however, asked MAWA if he has done anything wrong in recruiting ladies for prostitution.

Some Keffi residents told MAWA, apart from prostitution, Ambassador Hotel is known as a place all kinds of social vices take place with prostitution and drugs being the most prominent.

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