Mischief: Nasarawa lawmaker brands own name on constituency Project

Mr. Godiya Akwashiki, a federal lawmaker from Nasarawa State, in an act to deliberately deceive and misinform his  people, has branded his name on a constituency project that was funded by the federal government.

Akwashiki, a Senator representing Nasarawa North senatorial district in Nasarawa State in the federal upper legislature had tagged his name on constituency projects delivered to his people, an act that appears to be deliberately targeted at misinforming and deceiving his people.

Tracka who exposed the bad practice from the lawmaker has described the act as a malicious attempt at deliberately misinforming his constituents, for selfish political interests.

Constituency projects are nominated by the lawmakers for the needs of their constituents and recommend the same to the executive during budgeting. The projects are designed to help improve the living condition of the people in rural communities while the federal government funds them.

However, Nigerian experience has shown some lawmakers claim ownership of the project without disclosing to their people that they are federal government-funded projects with Akwashiki being the greatest offender.

And, often community residents are not aware such monies have been given to their representatives, and that makes accountability very difficult.

Godiya Akwashiki (
Godiya Akwashiki
tagged constituency project
tagged constituency project

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