How Adamawa LG shares COVID-19 palliatives to only govt officials

Gella Local Government located in Mubi South area of Adamawa State has been caught in the act of sharing COVID-19 palliatives to only the government officials, MAWA Foundation has learned.

The palliatives that are meant to be shared among the poor that are suffering the COVID-19 impact are kept in a warehouse while only the government officials are given.

Tracka, a public accountability organisation tracking the COVID-19 palliatives and funds, has since uncovered the ill practice that is been carried out by the local government in the sharing of COVID-19 palliatives.

A Tracka official who spoke to MAWA Foundation, narrated how the local government carries out the act.

Under the deal, officials of the local government come to the warehouse with a signed letter by the council chairman who authorizes the storekeeper to release the palliative items to them.

Community residents who are in deep poverty and need help, continue to give different narratives on how they were denied COVID-19 palliatives that are given to only local government officials.

MAWA Foundation could not immediately reach out to the local government for a response.

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