Kogi allocates N211.4 million to primary education, N4.2 billion to Executive & Lawmakers

The Kogi State government in a shocking example of underfunding education, in her 2021 budget, approved the sum of N211.4 million for primary education in the state and N4.2 billion for the Executive and State Lawmakers.

A visit to the state website shows that Kogi in her 2021 approved budget allocated the sum of N211, 462,993 to Primary Education 211,462,993 and N4, 225,088,989 to Executive Organ and Legislative Organs.

This is even as the state has a huge deficit in education with the primary school teachers been owed over 20 months’ salaries. And public primary education in the state collapsed.

This is even as Teachers in Kogi state are lamenting and sharing their agony after Mr. Yahaya Bello, the Kogi state Governor paid them 20% for the month of March salary.

This is even as the state government owes the teachers over 37 months’ salaries.

Mr. Audu, who gave only his first name, speaking to MAWA FOUNDATION, said teachers in the Igalamela local government of the state are in tears as most of them are getting salary payments that are little to nothing.

Audu who lives in Ajaka, the Igalamela local government headquarters, told MAWA, many of the teachers owe monies as a result of their none payments of salaries by the state government.

Mr. Ocholi who said he is a teacher in one of the government primary schools at Idah said the teachers received salaries ranging from N4k, N15k, and N30k.

He said the highest any teacher received no matter his or her level or grade is N30k.

He wondered why the Kogi state government will put teachers in an unbearable predicament.

He said many teachers in the state are no longer interested in teaching while few who still love the profession are opting for private schools.

Another primary school teacher who did not want to be mentioned, who said she is entitled to N56k said she got a little above N30K.

She says, she wonders why teachers will be owed for months and get 20% salary after many months of suffering.

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