Despite N238.346 billion education expenditure, no school in Ogun community

Oloke Ali community in the Ajebandele area of Ogun State has no government public school despite the sum of N238.346 billion the state government had expended on education in three years.

Because there is no government school in the area, the community has only one terrible dilapidated private school that serves as the only source of education for the children.

This is even as the Ogun state government in 2019 allocated the sum of N88.579 billion to education, and, in 2020 allocated the sum of N91.609 billion to education while in 2021 allocated N58, 158.55 billion to education, making it a total of N238.346 billion allocated to education in three years.

Good as that sounds, the Oloke Ali community does not have any government school while the children depend on a dilapidated private school for their education.

Dilapidated nature of the school
Dilapidated nature of the school

Worse still, Mr. Ibikunle Amosun, the Ogun State Governor claims that the huge allocation to education is because of its vital nature that will facilitate human capital development.

Tracka, a public accountability organization that exposed the terrible nature of the school, has since appealed to Amosun the Ogun state governor to help intervene and provide a school in the community.

Oloke Ali community is not an exception, across the Nigerian state; there are huge numbers of communities without any school while those that have schools are learning in a dilapidated environment, leaving education at the mercy of private individuals.

This even as the state and federal governments allocate huge amounts of money to education every year. A huge sum that does not reflect on education in the country while decay in the sector continues to worsen, and the rich who can afford private education take their children to private school, leaving children of the poor to learn in pitiable dilapidated schools with unqualified teachers.

MAWA FOUNDATION could not immediately reach out to Ogun State Government for a response.

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