Abuja community drink from a dirty pond as only source of water

Residents of Kpoto community in Kuje Area Council of Abuja the Nigerian capital city continue to drink contaminated water from a dirty pond, despite the sum of N62.4 billion expended by the Abuja authority on capital projects in the year 2020.

This is even as the community residents say many of them have developed various kinds of sickness as a result of the contaminated water they drink from a dirty pond.

Community residents displying the dirty contaminated water they drink
Community residents displaying the dirty contaminated water they drink

Worse still, apart from the 2020 capital budget allocation, Mr. Muhammad Musa Bello, the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Minister, said his administration is to spend the sum of N45, 527, 118,338 in its 2021 National Priority Capital projects.

He made this known while presenting the FCT 2021 National Capital Budget to the Senate Committee on the FCT.

This is even as the figure falls below the N62.4 billion budgeted in 2020 for capital project appropriations.

Although a huge amount has been expanded by FCTA on capital projects, the people of Kpoto community have continued to suffer a grave lack of water and are yet to feel the impact of the funds claimed to have been expended by the FCTA.

Kpoto community is not an exception, across Area Councils in Abuja, there is a huge number of communities that have no water, access roads, hospitals, schools, and other basic infrastructure.

Kpoto community signpost
Kpoto community signpost

Out of the six Area Councils in Abuja, besides the Abuja Municipal Area Council (AMAC), other Area Councils have a good number of villages that suffer grave infrastructural deficit that need urgent government intervention.

Tracks, a public accountability organization that exposed the contaminated water in the community has since appealed to the Abuja authority to help provide the residents with quality and portable water.

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