Substandard construction: Rainstorm destroys bridges in Bauchi

MAWA FOUNDATION has learned how rainstorms destroyed two bridges in Bauchi State as a result of substandard construction.

Local sources told MAWA via telephone conversations that the bridge connecting roads leading to Jos and Kano was destroyed on Thursday night after heavy rainfall.

Mr. Ibrahim Isa, one of the locals, told MAWA that the bridge linking Ningi Local Government Area to Bauchi town could not withstand heavy rainfall. A development he blamed on poor construction.

Another local source Mr. Peter Adani told MAWA that from the outset, they had known that the bridge was poorly constructed, pointing out that substandard materials were used in building it.

“How can a rainfall destroy a bridge, this is a manifestation of corruption that allows for poor construction all over the country, the company, and engineers that carried out this job must be found and punished,” Peter told MAWA

Residents of the community while narrating the predicament they are going through as a result of the collapsed bridge, have since called on the government to immediately fix it.

Mr. Fidelis Abu told MAWA that the bridge if not immediately fixed will affect economic activities in the area, pointing out that it links Jos and Kano which makes it a busy route with economically viable activities that contribute to boosting the local economy.

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