Despite N601.2 million Niger community hospital in a deplorable condition

A Primary Health Hospital at Maikunkele, a community in Bosso Local Government Area of Niger State is in deplorable condition despite the sum of N601.2 million given to the state Health and Hospital Services in 2020.

The Niger state government in the 2020 budget, under its health intervention, approved the sum of N601,248,050.58 for Health and Hospital Services. An amount meant to ensure hospitals in the state is in good condition.

However, despite the N601.2 million given to the Health and Hospital Services by the state government to take care of hospitals, the Maikunkele community Primary Health Care is in a deplorable condition with patients lying on the floor receiving treatment.

The hospital environment
The hospital environment


Tracka, a public accountability organization that exposed the deplorable nature of the hospital has since appealed to the Niger State government to help fix the hospital to enable residents to have access to healthcare delivery.

Maikunkele, is not an exception, across communities in Nigeria, there are deplorable hospitals, leading to a high rate of infant and maternal mortality.

While the rich that can afford medical care, approach private hospitals and some who are super-rich go abroad for medical care, the poor are left to die of sicknesses that can easily be treated.

And, this is why Nigeria appears to be one of the countries with the worse form of deplorable health sector globally.

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