NASENI trains plumbers in Ibadan

NASENI trains plumbers in Ibadan

A Nigerian agency, the National Agency for Science and Engineering Infrastructure (NASENI) has trained 100 plumbers at Ibadan in modern plumbing methods and empowered them with equipment.

The training that took place at the Carlton Gate Xclusive Hotel in Ibadan, the Oyo State capital, brought together plumbers selected from the Ibadan North Federal constituency.

Beneficiaries were given a tool kit at the end of the training. The kit according to NASAENI officials is to help them improve their work, and provide quality service delivery that will enable them to expand their businesses and create more jobs.

A beneficiary arranging his tool kit
A beneficiary arranging his tool kit

Mr. Mohammed Sani Haruna, a professor, the NASENI Executive Vice Chairman, and Chief Executive said the training is part of the Nigerian Government’s efforts to build skills among youth and artisans that will enhance job creation and reduce unemployment.

The beneficiaries who spoke to MAWA-Foundation that was at the training venue as civil society independent observers gave different accounts of how the scheme will build their capacity, improve their service deliveries, position them to make more money, train others and expand their businesses.

Mr. Azeez Abidoye, one of the beneficiaries, said that the scheme is the best approach to addressing poverty and unemployment in Nigeria. He, however, appealed to his colleagues who are beneficiaries, to ensure they acquire and properly utilize the opportunity.  While pointing out that is one sure way to address the skill gap which is a factor responsible for unemployment in Nigeria.

According to him, the training will provide skill and capacity for the plumbers to deliver quality service delivery and positions them to compete with their counterpart globally.

He, however, pointed out, the tool kit (equipment) that will be distributed to participants after the training will make their job easy and enable them to provide globally accepted service. He added that the skill set and support they got from the scheme would make it possible for them to expand their business and employ more apprentices.

Watch Mr. Azeez Abidoye, NASENI beneficiary speak to MAWA-Foundation

Another beneficiary, Mr. Abimbola Mubarak, said the scheme would empower the plumbers to rediscover themselves and be properly positioned to do better, expand their businesses, and create more jobs.

Although the Ibadan training appears to be fundamental in addressing skill gaps that have continued to be a major reason for unemployment in Nigeria, there is no single woman selected to be part of the scheme. A development, both the NASENI officials and beneficiaries could not provide answers to.

Watch Mr. Abimbola Mubarak, NASENI beneficiary speak to MAWA-Foundation


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