Kogi community accuses woman

Mrs. Blessing Abah has been tortured and humiliated over an allegation that her husband died because she committed adultery.

The community members at Ogugu in Olamaboro local government of Kogi State, accused, tortured and humiliated Blessing Abah of being responsible for the death of her husband over infidelity, an action they said is against the community culture.

According to the locals who spoke to MAWA Foundation, the community has a deity known as Ibegwu that frowns at women married into the community committing adultery.

And, in a situation the man knows the wife is committing adultery and decides to cover her up, the Ibegwu kills the man.

Kogi community tortures woman, accuses her of killing her husband

A development they said led to the death of Blessing’s husband which is why she is been tortured and humiliated by the community members.

In a video that has since surfaced online, Blessing was accused, tortured, and humiliated for committing adultery that led to the death of her husband.

She was also accused of removing her wedding ring and throwing it at her late husband in total disregard and disrespect for him.

An accusation she has since denied, and swore repeatedly that she never had an affair with another man since she married her late husband.

Although Blessing had repeatedly said she never had an affair with another man and has struggled to establish her innocence, the community members appear not to listen and believe her while she has since been condemned for committing what they all describe as an atrocity.

Watch video of her torture and humiliation 

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