Only women amplified voices can address gender inequality

Abaji area council women in the Abuja community have said only the amplified voices of women can liberate and put an end to gender inequality and discrimination women go through in society and position women to contribute meaningfully to societal development and nation-building.

The women who spoke during a training conducted by the MAWA Foundation to empower rural voices said society has placed women to suffer unjust inequality which only the women can liberate themselves through raising voices together.

The women also appealed to those training them on family planning to dedicate the majority of the training to men, pointing out that they have over 70% control in the area of family planning while women have little to do.

Some participants who are Muslim women expressed disappointment in the way their husbands threat them by believing they do not have right as humans and must be subjected to their maltreatment. They added that many marriages have collapsed in the area because of excess maltreating of women by their husbands.

Mrs. Zainab, one of the participants at the meeting said the only way to addressing women’s inequality and discrimination is to empower the rural women by strengthening their capacity for a unified strong voice to speak up.

She, however, said there is no voice that the government listens to like women’s voice, adding that when the voices become coordinated and amplified, it will lead to an unprecedented societal change.

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