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MAWA Foundation emerged from a passion for accountable governance. Originating as a community media initiative, we address the roots of poor public accountability. Our dynamic approach blends capacity building, research, and advocacy to foster democracy, good governance, climate justice, health, education and human rights in West Africa.

Empowering Accountability in the Heart of West Africa

Established in 2016, Media Advocacy West Africa (MAWA) Foundation stands as a beacon of change in the nonprofit sector, forged by a dynamic team of young individuals united by a common vision.  Fueled by a collective dissatisfaction with the lackluster state of accountability discourse within Nigeria’s civic space, MAWA Foundation was conceived to be the catalyst for positive transformation.

Our journey began in 2014 when we set out as a community media organization, fueled by the conviction that a robust public accountability system is the antidote to corruption and the bedrock of good governance. Witnessing the erosion of accountability and the muffled voices of vulnerable groups, we knew it was time to act.

At the core of MAWA Foundation’s mission is the unwavering commitment to addressing the root causes of poor public accountability discourse. We recognize that empowering vulnerable communities is pivotal in restoring accountability, a cornerstone for fostering good governance. In our pursuit of excellence, we have evolved into a leading force in the realm of civic engagement.

MAWA Foundation is more than an organization; it’s a movement dedicated to shaping the future of West Africa. Our founders, driven by the aspiration to enhance public accountability and citizens’ capacity—the driving forces of development in any democratic society—established the Foundation to bridge the gaps and elevate the standards of civic engagement.

Our Approach

MAWA Foundation employs a multi-faceted approach, combining capacity building, thorough research, media investigations, and impactful advocacy. Through these avenues, we aim to inspire positive change, empower communities, and shape policies that promote the greater good.

Join us on this transformative journey as we redefine the narrative of civic engagement and accountability in West Africa. At MAWA Foundation, we believe in the power of collective action to build a brighter, more accountable future for generations to come. Together, let’s shape a West Africa where transparency, democracy, and human rights reign supreme.

Our Focus Areas

Elevating West Africa through accountability, democracy, and human rights advocacy.

Public Accountability

We are dedicated to promoting transparent, responsible governance that stands up to scrutiny.

Human Rights

MAWA Foundation advocates for rights, fostering equality and justice in society for all.

Climate Action

Empowering sustainable practices for a resilient, eco-friendly future worldwide.

Good Governance

Our mission is to instill principles of good governance for a sustainable and equitable society.

Meet Our Team!

Discover the dynamic individuals powering MAWA Foundation’s transformative initiatives.

Polycarp Auta

Chairman, Board of Trustees

Alanna Hartzok

Member Board of Trustees


Onuh Mary

Treasurer Board of Trustee


Charles Kojo Vandyck

Member Board of Trustees

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As data-driven media advocate, we ensure that our sourcing is reliable and trustworthy

Our founders believe that in all democratic societies, access to information and accountability is key and that is achievable through citizens’ empowerment.