Democracy education – youth participation

The absence of youth participation in decision-making structures in Nigeria and other West African countries is adversely affecting democratic culture in the region.

MAWA Foundation works to address the undemocratic systems of representation among the youth by addressing the lack of decision-making structures for youth on issues affecting them.

We seek to achieve this by building youth capacity to become more democratically involved in their community and, to help change the way decisions affecting them are made through active civic engagement. 

Public accountability

Public accountability is the foundation of modern democratic governance, and, democracy remains a joke if those entrusted with power cannot be held accountable by the people for their actions, or omissions.

Leaders in  West Africa do not see public accountability as an integral part of democracy and governance and have continued to run state affairs with impunity, forcing a psychological belief on the citizens that public accountability is not central in democracy and that corruption is normal in public offices.

MAWA Foundation works with the media, civil society organizations, and citizens to demand accountability from those entrusted with the institutional authority to govern the p

Capacity building

The challenge of capacity deficits in Nigeria and other West African states is a pressing problem that contributes to stunting development, and this will also significantly play a role in the future. The capacity deficit manifests prominently in the area of media and citizens advocacy. Therefore, MAWA Foundation works to build the capacity of conventional, community, and citizens’ journalists, for skills that will equip them to adequately discharge their duties and hold public officers accountable.  


With the decline in income and donor funding, many media outlets now struggle to undertake investigative reporting, which is time-consuming and expensive. These are adversely affecting the ability of media to expose corruption in public offices that will trigger citizens’ demand for accountability.

MAWA Foundation dedicates a good percentage of its time to Investigative journalism, to dig deep into public corruption, crimes, and human rights abuses that will serve as bases to holding government and its actors accountable.

Data-Driven advocacy

One key area that has continued to be a missing link for advocacies in Nigeria and other West African communities is the lack of “data-driven advocacy” many do not have reliable data that they use as a basis for engagement.

MAWA Foundation carries out research, analyzes data, and relies on Data-Driven Advocacy to influence policy and social change through the strategic use of data and information. 

Human rights

With barbarous human rights abuses taking place across the world, it is easy to become overwhelmed and fall into apathy. It is important to remember that neutrality is a decision; choosing not to act in the face of injustice will only perpetuate the situation.

In fighting human rights abuse, MAWA Foundation is building local capacities in communities to defend and raise awareness of human rights abuses. We also document and expose human rights abuses.