Community Voice Project

Investigation: How MDAs violate procurement rules in contract awards
Investigation NICTM awards N23.58 million contract to fake company, MDAs inflate contract figures
Dilapidated nature of the school
Old Solar Street Light at Angwa Gede

Community Voice Project, is designed to use the media to reach and empower rural and the underserved communities that are under reported by the main stream media.

We came up with this initiative because we know, in Nigeria, the mainstream media do not focus on rural communities.

This makes it impossible for them to have a voice on critical issues affecting their communities. It also, takes away their participation in civic space.

The project has a network of community journalists that report on issues in rural communities that are not covered by the mainstream media.

The goal is to empower rural people in the underserved communities, and strengthen their voices through media to participate on dialogues on issues affecting them.  And to build local voices that will hold authorities accountable. 

COVID-19 Project

Mararaba Communiy where poverty is endemic

Mararaba community in Nassarawa State where poverty is endemic.

This is a MAWA-Foundation project that tracks and documents the impacts of COVID-19 in communities. An initiative that is being supported by the Open Society Initiative for West Africa (OSIWA). 

woman says she is dying of hunger becuase of COVID - 19

Woman says she is dying of hunger because of COVID - 19

Kubwa community, traders say COVID 19 rendered them poorr

Kubwa community in Abuja Nigeria where Auto parts traders say COVID-19 rendered them poor

This is a project supported by the Leveraging Transparency to Reduce Corruption Project (LTRC) Fund. LTRC is a global action-research initiative led by Results for Development’s Accountability and Citizen Engagement practice.

The Fund is part of LTRC Program to conduct research focusing on reducing corruption and abuse of public resources in revenues generated from natural resources.

In this project, MAWA-Foundation in partnership with the Result for Development (R4D) undertook an investigative reporting that uncovered corruption in Nigeria’s natural resource revenue, using the Niger Delta Development Commission NDDC as a case study.


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