Four years after, Ikot Ekpene Library remains dilapidated despite N54 million renovation allocation

The Ikot Ekpene Library continues to remain dilapidated four years after the sum of N54 million has been allocated by the state government for its renovation.

The Library located at the Ikot Ekpene area of Uyo remains dilapidated despite the huge location.

This is even as the Ikot Ekpene Library has been established years ago with few of the residents having knowledge of its existence.

Under the deal, the Akwa Ibom state government in 2016 allocated the sum of N35 million for the Library renovation.

Although the Library was not renovated despite the allocation, in 2017, the state government allocated the sum of N14 million and N5 million in 2018.

The accumulated allocations for the three years sum a total of N54 million.

Worse still, nothing has been done while the Library still remains dilapidated.

A visit to the Library shows it has been abandoned with grasses taken over the premises while there is no single staff found worker there.

MAWA Foundation could not immediately reach out to the Awka Ibom state government for a response.


Credit: Udeme

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