Despite multi billion education allocation, Taraba State Primary School Pupils sit on Stone inside Classroom

Children of the Zandi-Ye community in Zing Local Government Area of Taraba state, are learning under terrible condition.

Zandi-Ye Primary School, is in terrible condition, and this is even as over 500 pupils attend the school.

A visit to the school, show it has no classrooms while primary six and other pupils sit on stone to learn.

Mr. Joshua Yohana, a community resident told MAWA Foundation that the school has been operating on the community efforts.

“The Taraba state government does not care about education, this school is been sustained through the community efforts” Yohana said.

Apart from none availability of chairs in the classrooms, the school has no roof.

Zandi-Ye is not the only case, there are many communities in Taraba where children learn under terrible condition.

Worse still, the state government sets aside huge amount of money for capital allocation, an amount it says has education and health as core state focus.

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