Akwa Ibom community residents lament over dilapidated road

Residents of Ntiat Itam  community in Itu Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom state are lamenting over the dilapidated road in their area.

Mr. Mathew Obasi a community residents, corroborating Tracka,  told MAWA Foundation that the road is no longer accessible because of its dilapidated nature.

Obasi said although the road is central to the economic viability of the area, it has since been cut off by erosion forcing residents to face difficulties commuting.

Mr. Alice EKot, who said she was born in the community and has lived there for over 36 years, told MAWA Foundation that residents had on many occasions drew the attention of the Awka Ibom state government to how erosion is destroying the road while they have been ignored by the government.

This is even as Tracka who exposed the dilapidated nature of the road has since called on Mr. Udom Emmanuel, the state Governor to immediately fix it.

Worse still, the state government had in the last 10 years allocated billions of naira to capital expenditure.

Ntiat Itam  community is not an exception, many communities in Nigeria do not have road and other vital rural infrastructures.

And this is even as states across the nation in the last 10 years have budgeted and allocated billions of naira to capital expenditure focusing on road and health.

Although Mr. Emmanuel explanation was sought, he declined to make any comment.

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