Contractor paid N63.2 million, NDDC Bayelsa state office building abandoned

The Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) Bayelsa state office building has been abandoned despite the contractor having been paid a huge amount of money, MAWA Foundation has learned.

The contract was awarded to Timipah Ifidi and Sons Limited while a mobilization fee of N36.2 million was paid.

Worse still a visit to the project site by Value for Money team showed apart from the building foundation, nothing has been done and the project since abandoned.

Mr. Mike Mukabie, who said he has participated in the NDDC projects across the Niger Delta area, told MAWA Foundation, the agency is a cesspool of corruption, he pointed out that many projects embarked by the agency are often abandoned and monies shared among officials and friends.

Insider source who works at the NDDC told MAWA Foundation that there is no place corruption and graft is been practice like the agency.

He pointed out that NDDC operates like a cartel where monies are shared among politicians and their friends while communities who are supposed to be major beneficiaries continue to suffer.

This is even as the agency was created to address the development challenges in the Niger Delta area communities.

Rather than solve the challenges in the zone, the agency has turned out to be a cesspool of corruption, a staff in the finance department told MAWA Foundation.

MAWA could not immediately reach out to NDDC for a response.

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