Awka Ibom governor shares COVID-19 palliative as Christmas gift to party loyalists

Mr. Udom Emmanuel, the Akwa Ibom state government has been caught in the act of sharing COVID-19 palliatives to party loyalists.

The items that were donated by CACOVID for Akwa Ibom State as COVID-19 reliefs to citizens
were been distributed to party loyalists in the state.

Party loyalists were seen taken away food items as gifts from the state governor.

An action Tracka has since condemned.

Worse still, the item donated by CACOVID were meant to be distributed to citizens as COVID-19 palliative.

Shortly after the #EndSARS protests against police brutality, some warehouses were broken by citizens while COVID-19 palliatives were taken away.

The governors were accused of hoarding the palliative, an accusation they have since defended themselves saying they did no wrong.

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