Scam alert: Nigerian agency builds a mini civic centre for N100 million

A Nigerian agency, Nigeria Stored Product Research Institute in an act that seems like corruption has constructed a mini civic centre at the sum of N100 million.

Tracka, a public accountability organization that visited the project site said the agency has since constructed and delivered the project at Ahia Eke Oloko village in Ikwuano Local Government Area of Abia State.

The project that was awarded to Danvic Global Resources Limited was supervised by Nigeria Stored Product Research Institute.

This is even as an online check on Danvic Global Resources Limited shows the company has no traceable address and has no website that attaches the owner face on it.

Worse still, Mrs. Chima Aku, civil engineering who claims to have built over four civic centres, while speaking to MAWA Foundation, said that amount is enough to build two solid civic centres and properly equip them with modern facilities.

Aku said it is not enough to claim to have completed a project, but very fundamental to evaluate it and know how much was expended on it, pointing out that many contracts in Nigeria are overpriced with contractors and government officials serving as accomplices that connive and loot the allocated funds for the project.

Nigerian experience has shown government contracts are often characterized by corruption, prices inflated and contracts awarded to companies’ government officials have a stake in.

And, this is an act that has helped undermined Nigerian ability to provide infrastructures and has worsened poverty and inequality mainly across rural communities.

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