We didn’t know COVID -19 will have such a huge impact on us

When we heard of COVID-19, we did not know it will have this kind of a huge impact on humanity globally Mr. Uche has said.

Uche while speaking to MAWA Foundation official in his shop at the Dutse Alhaji area of Abuja said although he made money during the lockdown, but added that the virus has impacted humanity globally that the world cannot regain from its impact and return to normal.

Living with COVID-19 is a reality that the world must embrace and begin to think of what needs to be done to help a huge number of global populace who are going through hell as a result of the virus impact, Uche pointed out.

“Before the COVID-19, there was a huge poverty that is pushing the urban poor to unimaginable suffering, and the virus has just come and made their suffering more complicated, exposing them to deep poverty,” Uche said.

Life inside COVID-19 is a terrible experience, I know of many people who are into deep suffering and agony the virus has put them into. Some lost their job, business, relatives, and spouses to the virus, Uche added.

In the beginning, we thought the virus is just like every other sickness such as Malaria, but we did not know it has come to destroy us, Uche told MAWA Foundation official.

“This COVID-19 is worse than Ebola, during the time of Ebola, we were only afraid and were not affected, but COVID-19 came, destroyed communities and the world” I am sure after this virus if at all it will go, another will surface,” Uche said.

Uche, however, appealed to all tiers of government, Federal, State, and Local together with the private sector to come up with effective intervention programmes that will lift the poor out of poverty they went into as a result of COVID-19.

” I can assure you, the government has no knowledge of how COVID-19 affected the urban poor, they should commission a study that Will help unravel the havoc done to the people by COVID-19″ Uche suggested.

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This is Uche's shop
This is Uche’s shop

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