Abuja residents buy a truck of water N4k as scarcity bites harder

Resident of Kubwa under the Bwari Area Council-Abuja are groaning in pain as they now buy a truck load of water for the sum of N4,000.

Some of the residence who spoke to MAWA FOUNDATION, recounted how they have been spending a huge amount of money to buy water as a result of its scarcity.

Mrs. Chika Roseline who lives at the Phase 4 area of Kubwa while speaking to MAWA Foundation, said she buys water at N3,000 a truck, at the amount of N300 per a gallon.

Another resident, Mrs. Lynda Ikebuogu, while speaking to MAWA, said she has been buying a truck of water for N4,000 at the rate of N400 per a gallon since on Wednesday.

Mr. Pau Idache speaking to MAWA at his Kubwa Phase 4 residence, said they understood there is something wrong that needed to be fixed but did not know it will lead to this kind of huge suffering.

“Many people around my area now buy a truck of water for N4k and N3k depending who and where you are buying from and this is having a huge impact on us” Idache said.

Mr. Abdul, one of the water vendors who spoke to MAWA FOUNDATION, said all his colleagues at Dutse Alhaji have relocated to Kubwa because they are now making huge gains selling water.

“Virtually all water vendors in Dutse Alhaji have relocated to Kubwa because they now make huge money in the area as result of water scarcity, a truck sells between N4k and N3k, Abdul told MAWA.

MAWA could not immediately reach out to FCTA for a response.

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