Lagos state govt spends N5.2 million on a single borehole

The Lagos state government has spent the sum of N5, 261,003.53 to construct a single borehole in Kadara Primary School located at the Ebute Meta area of Lagos in what appears a shocking example of contract inflation that has helped undermine the country’s ability to achieve development particularly in the area of infrastructure.

Drilling a single borehole in Lagos does not cost above N1.5 million, a hydrology firm told MAWA FOUNDATION. The hydrology firm added that amount should cover drilling and casing, installation of a solar-powered submersible pump, steel tower for the tanks, tanks, pipes, joints & suckers, installation and labour.

The Lagos state in 2018 allocated the sum of N5, 261,003.53 for the construction of borehole and overhead tank in Kadara Primary school, Ebute Meta.

The contract that was awarded to Sanju Sunny Global Ventures, a company registered in 2014 was supervised by the project department of Lagos State Universal Basic Education Board (LASUBEB) and was meant to be completed in four weeks.

Worse still, the four weeks project lasted for three years.

Tracka, a public accountability organization that visited the project said it has since been completed.

Although the borehole has been completed, MAWA FOUNDATION findings show that the Lagos state government may have inflated the project by N3.7 million.

Analysis by MAWA FOUNDATION shows that many projects executed by Lagos were poorly carried out, inflation of contracts, and other contractual breaches.

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