Extra: Anambra govt N20 million health centre

Anambra state has constructed a mini health centre for N20 million at the Uhuowelle community in Okija area, in what appears to be an example of corruption that has helped undermine the county’s ability to provide infrastructure, particularly in the area of health and education.

A senior official of the Public and Private Development Centre (PPDC), public accountability organization that visited the health centre, told MAWA FOUNDATION that the project cost the sum of N20 million.

This is even as the health centre has no fence protecting it, no portable water and inadequate personnel.

Worse still, the Anambra state government has since claimed it spent N20 million on the health centre.

Under the deal, the state and its official, say the health centre was constructed as a community intervention project which is a usual practice of the state giving intervention projects to communities.

However, checks by MAWA FOUNDATION show, Anambra state government may have shortchanged its people. Mr. Geofry Onwubiko, a civil engineer who claims to know the project and the community it was sited, told MAWA via a telephone conversation that construction of such project averages N5 million including payments for labour and consultancy fees.

Worse still, Okija health centre has no such equipment that will engulf N20 million and the state has since claimed the amount.

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