Dutse Alhaji, Abuja community where poor hygiene is killing children

A woman has continued to lament how her 10-year-old daughter died of cholera as a result of a dirty environment; MAWA FOUNDATION has leaned.

Mrs. Ada Oyibo who lives in Zone one area of Dutse Alhaji, Bwari Area Council of Abuja, Nigeria’s capital city narrated how her daughter contracted cholera and died because of the dirty environment in their area.

Oyibo said many houses in her areas have no toilet facilities forcing residents to defecate in the open causing terrible environmental pollution and hazard.

Narrating how her daughter died, Oyibo said she started vomiting repeatedly and was rushed to General Hospital Kubwa where she was confirmed to have contracted cholera while she died in less than 12 hours after the test result.

She pointed out that she is not the only person that has lost her baby to cholera as a result of a dirty environment and poor hygiene, saying many children have died while people simply dismissed their death as a natural death.

Mr. Ephraim Agu, one of the residents while speaking to MAWA FOUNDATION, said the area suffers terrible environmental pollution from defecation, and, this is even when there is no good hospital to provide healthcare to the residents.

Agu added that residents of the area rely on Kubwa General Hospital for healthcare delivery.

“Although there exists a cottage primary healthcare in Dutse, there is a huge number of persons that depend on it for healthcare while it has is a huge personnel and equipment deficit that need to be urgently addressed”, Agu said.


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