316 projects, cost N39.5 billion duplicated in Nigeria’s 2021 budget

The sum of N39.5 billion to be expended on 316 duplicated projects in the 2021 budget has been uncovered by Budgit.

The organisation that has shown strength and consistency in public accountability and service delivery, says her analysis of the 2021 budget shows N39.5 billion will be expended on 316 projects in the 2021 budget.

The organization also said she discovered that there is no single audit  record of N10.0 trillion spent by security sector between 2015 and 2015.

Nowhere has corruption been practiced in Nigeria like bad budgeting and procurement.

This are practices that have continued to undermine development in Nigeria.

Worse still, rather than see improvements in the area of sound budgeting and diligent procurement practices, the Nigerian state continues to witness them aiding and consolidating  corruption in the country.

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