N80 million Hospital collapses in Abia one year after completion

N80 million Hospital collapses in Abia one year after completion

The N80 million Health Centre that was facilitated by Mr. Solomon Adaelu, Abia state lawmaker as his constituency project has collapsed one year after it was constructed.

The Health Centre located at the Amavo-Osisioma community in Ngwa Local Government Area of Abia State that was supervised by PRODA under the Ministry of Science got N40 million allocation in 2018, N30 million in 2019, and N10 million in 2020 which sums the fund to N90 million.

Although the Federal Government has released the allocated monies to the project, it has since collapsed a year after it was completed and put to use.

Tracka, a public organization that visited the hospital for tracking and evaluation, said she found that it has since collapsed with many of the rooms filled with water as a result of leaking roofs.

Part of the dilapidated found in the hospital are cracks on the wall that has destroyed paintings.

Workers at the hospital narrated how they place plastic bowls around the rooms when it rains; an action they said is to stop water from messing up and destroying the floor.

They, however, said it is risky working in the hospital as it can collapse on them at any time.

The hospital has no water supply, no medical equipment of any kind, and only two beds for patients that visit for treatment.

Constituency projects are nominated by the lawmakers for the needs of their constituents and recommended same to the executive during budgeting; this will help to improve the living condition of the people in their constituents through building local infrastructures.

However, Nigerian experience has shown that Lawmakers do not execute constituency projects as they appear in the national budget, and getting them to account for monies approved for such intervention is always difficult.

And, often, community residents are not aware such monies have been given to their representatives, and that makes accountability very difficult.

MAWA Foundation could not immediately reach out to the lawmaker for a response.

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