Bauchi Primary 6 Pupils Can’t Write 1-10 in Figure UBEC Uncovers

Bauchi Primary 6 Pupils Can’t Write 1-10 in Figure UBEC Uncovers

The Universal Basic Education Board (UBEC) has uncovered that the primary six pupils’ in Bauchi State cannot write 1-10 in figures, a discovery made during their official visit to some schools in the state.

Mr. Abubakar Surunbai Ph.D., chairman of Bauchi State Universal Basic Education Board visited some of the primary schools in the state on Monday.

During the visit, Surunbai, went into some of the classrooms to interact with the pupils.

At the interaction, he randomly picked some pupils and asked them to spell their names, a task many of them failed.

To further prove the poor quality of education in the state, the SUBED chairman called out some of the pupils to write 1 to 10 in a figure on the blackboard. A task they all failed.

Mallam Babban Mutum Primary School Shekal recorded the worst experience in all the schools visited.

This is even as many prominent persons from Bauchi state, including  Mr. Salisu Matori, a Nigerian Senator had his primary education in the school.

About 15 children that were called out to write 1 to 10 in figure failed the exercise, an action that made the SUBED chairman very unconformable, calling for a state of emergency in the education sector in Bauchi state.

Apart from the pupil’s inability to read and write, there are no chairs for them to sit and learn, many were seen sitting on the floor.

The SUBEB chairman promised to engage the state government to provide chairs and a conducive learning environment for the pupils.

“I am not surprised, many schools in Northeast and Northwest Nigeria have children who know nothing, government efforts are on enrolment, forgetting quality education which is the main issue,” Lamie a teacher in Bauchi said.

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