COVID – 19 impact: Parents Pull Kids Out of School

Parents suffering the COVID-19 impact are finding it very difficult to cope with the economic challenges brought by the pandemic, hence pulled their children out of school.

Sure Start school has said parents of their pupils who were affected by the COVID-19 pandemic have pulled out their kids from the school because they could not afford the school fees any longer.

Mrs. Ngozi Victor, the school headteacher, while speaking to MAWA Foundation,  explained that the COVID-19 pandemic affected their school.

Victor said the pandemic adversely affected the school revenue, narrating how the revenue was been affected, she said some of the parents who lost their jobs to COVID-19 have pulled out their kids from the school because they could no longer afford the fees.

She, however, added that some of the parents who still have their kids in the school have not been able to pay their school fees because of the economic challenges they are facing as a result of the pandemic.

Victor told MAWA officials who visited the school to gauge the impact of COVID-19 that the school collects the sum of N80k fee per term while new intake pays the sum of N120k including uniforms.

This is even as the school headteacher said they did not receive any support from the government to help them address the impact of COVID – 19.

Asked if the school sacked some of its workers because of the shortfall in revenues, Victor said none of the staff was sacked and their salary was not reduced. She added the school management strived hard to ensure all staff are kept despite the pandemic challenges.

Ngozi the school teacher
Ngozi the school teacher

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