Abuja community hospital patients are dying over health workers negligence

Residents of Dukpa, a community of over 2000 inhabitants in Gwagwalada Area Council Abuja the Nigerian capital city have continued to recount how the negligence of health workers in Primary Healthcare in their area is leading to the death of patients.

A community champion in Dukpa who spoke to MAWA FOUNDATION and does not want his name mentioned for fear of victimization by the Local Council Authority narrated how the inhabitants are dying at the Primary Health Centre in the area as a result of the health worker negligence to duty.

The community resident while speaking to MAWA said health workers resume duty at the hospital by 10:00 am and close by 2:00 pm leaving patients in the hospital unattended no matter how critical their condition may be.

A community resident, narrating his experience of the hospital, told MAWA that his elder brother lost his daughter as a result of health worker negligence in the clinic.

The Dukpa clinic
The Dukpa clinic

Explaining the incident, he said the late daughter was taken to the hospital when in labour, was not attended to, and was directed to be taken home and come back by evening. An instruction they obeyed and took her home only to come back in the evening and found that the hospital has been closed while all health workers had gone home.

He, however, disclose that she died because there was no health worker to attend to her life. A situation he said would not have happened if the hospital was open and a health worker attended to her.

Another community resident, Mr. Abdul, who prefers only his first name mentioned, speaking to MAWA, described the hospital management as one of the worst unfortunate things that happen to his people.

Abdul, narrating how the clinic health worker’s negligence has affected patients, said two of his sons died in the hospital because they were not attended to.

Health workers in Dukpa clinic here resume duty by 10:am and close by 2:00 pm, this is a practice that has led to the loss of life, when you bring a sick person here a minute after 2:00 pm nobody will attend to you because they have all left by that time”

The Dukpa clinic Sign post
The Dukpa clinic Signpost

“How can you resume in a community hospital by 10:00 am and close by 2:00 pm, a hospital of this kind ought to operate 24 hours as against 4 hours we are witnessing here, this is not good, the Area Council Authority should immediately address these anomalies,” Abdul said.

Efforts by MAWA FOUNDATION to reach the hospital management were unsuccessful as Mr. Timzing Auta, the hospital management lead did not respond to text messages sent to his telephone.

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