Extra: Nigeria’s Agric Ministry pays resource person N18.3 million for a single training

The Nigerian Ministry of Agriculture has paid the sum of N18.3 million to a resource person for a single training.

Under the deal, the Agric ministry, using the Federal College of Horticulture, Dadin-Kowa in Gombe State, paid the sum of N18,329,397.51 million to Ice Target Global Limited as a resource person to carry out training in Anambra state.

The payment was made for Consultancy services in respect of training on value-added food produce in horticulture at Ozubulu in Anambra State.

Worse still, the consultancy fees for training services of this nature averages N150 per module.

It is not, however, clear how the Agric ministry arrived at such a huge amount for a single consultancy training.

Ministry of Agric is not the only offender, often MDAs pay out huge amounts of money to individuals, companies in the name of consultancies and service delivery. Amounts that are often shared among government officials and their cronies.

And, this is why nowhere have monies been stolen in Nigeria more than procurement processes, a development that must be addressed if Nigeria must address corruption in public services and reposition the country for effective service delivery.

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