Shocking: Water Resources Ministry pays N28.2 million for a single borehole

Nigeria’s Ministry of Water Resources has spent N28.2 million to construct a single borehole in Gombe State in what appears a shocking example of contract inflation that has helped undermine the country’s ability to achieve development.

Drilling a single borehole in Gombe State averages below N2.5 million. A hydrology firm told MAWA Foundation that amount should cover drilling and casing, installation of a solar-powered submersible pump, steel tower for the tanks, tanks, pipes, joints & suckers, installation and labour.

Supervised by its headquarters in Abuja, the ministry of water resources claims a single Solar Powered Borehole she constructed at the Federal College of Education (Technical) in Gombe State costs N28,260,191.27

Analysts who spoke to MAWA Foundation, say poor execution of projects, racketeering, inflation of contracts, and other contractual breaches are some of the major factors responsible for Nigeria’s inability to achieve development and infrastructures.

The contract was awarded to Brown Integrated Energy Services Limited, a company that has no online presence or any form of contact address.

When MAWA Foundation sought the response of the water resources ministry regarding the construction of a single borehole at the cost of N28,260,191.27 the ministry said it cannot discuss the issue of contract and directed MAWA to speak with the company that carried out the project.

A senior official of the ministry who disagreed with his colleagues for awarding a single borehole for N28,260,191.27 told MAWA that was a clear case of corruption that must be immediately discontinued in the country if there is going to be any meaningful development.

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