Universal Basic Education Renovates a Single Block of Classroom for N60 Million

A Nigerian agency, the Universal Basic Education in a clear example of corruption that has helped undermine the country’s development has renovated a single block of classrooms in Zamfara state at the sum of N60 million.

Under the deal, the Federal Ministry of Education through the Universal Basic Education budgeted the sum of N60 million for the renovation of a single block of a classroom.

Zamfara Socio-Economic Accountability Project, a nongovernmental organization who monitored the project located at Tsafe/Gusau area of Zamfara state

has since said it has been completed.

Worse still, checks by MAWA Foundation show the Universal Basic Education and Zamfara state may have shortchanged the people and engaged in contract inflation hiding under the procurement processes.

Mr. Kelvin Ugwu, a civil engineer, told this newspaper, that amount is enough to build three standard schools and wonders why a single block of classrooms will be renovated with such a huge amount of money.

Mrs. Josephine Akawu, a headteacher in one of the private schools at Kubwa area of Abuja, told WAR, that amount is enough to build a whole school, employ teachers and run it for three years.

Worse still, the Universal Basic Education and Zamfara state government say N60 million has been expended in renovating a single block of classrooms.

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