N200 million Taraba Road abandoned despite 75% fund release

The Taraba state Bali-Gashaka-Gembu N200 million road has been abandoned despite 75% of the contract sum having been paid by the Federal Government.

The 127-kilometre road got N200 million allocation from the Federal Government of Nigeria this year. An amount of 75% has since been released by the government.

Worse still, despite the 75% release, Tracka a public accountability organization that visited the road, said nothing has been done while it remains in a deplorable condition and commuters go through a predicament using it.

Mr. Marshall Alih who has a good knowledge of the road, while speaking on its condition said it has remained deplorable for years, making commuters who use the route go through hell trying to access it.

Mr. Magaji, a Taraba resident who uses the road often, told MAWA Foundation that commuters have been using it for years in a deplorable condition. He, however, said they were happy to hear of the government plan to fix it, but are surprised to find out that nothing has been done since the fund has been released.

“We have suffered a huge predicament using this road, we were happy when we learned the government has given money for its repair, but we are surprised nothing has been done since the money was released”, Magaji told MAWA.

Taraba state Bali-Gashaka-Gembu road is not an exception, across the Nigerian state, there are many abandoned projects. Many of whom monies have been released, and, the contractors and government officials collide and pocket the money leaving the projects undone, actions that have helped undermine development in the country.

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