Govt Science School Akpanya students learn under terrible condition

Students of Government Science Secondary School Akpanya in Igalamela Local Government Area of Kogi state learn under terrible conditions despite multi-million education allocation by the state government.

A visit to the school by MAWA Foundation shows the students learn under destroyed floors and leaking roofs.

Apart from the leaking roofs and destroyed floors, the school library that used to be the best in the local government has gone into dilapidation and not been put to use.

Worse still, the Kogi State government in the last decades has allocated and spent a huge amount of money on education.

However, the huge allocation and expenditure in education is yet to reflect in Akpanya as the only government secondary school in the area continues to be in a terrible condition.

Mr. Ossai, one of the Akpanya residents, told the MAWA team that the terrible condition of the school is forcing many students to leave for another school.

However, Government Science Secondary School Akpnaya is not the only case. Across the state, there is apparent neglect in education funding with many public schools in near collapse.

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