Shocking: Sokoto Rima Basin constructs a single borehole for N159 .122 million

In a typical example of contract inflation that has helped undermine development in Nigeria, the Sokoto Rima River Basin Development Authority has constructed a single borehole for N159 .122 million.

Under the deal, the Rima Basin implemented the project under the 2018 Zonal Intervention Project (ZIP) and awarded the contract to Hedeco Nigeria Limited, registered on September 1, 1992, for the sum of N159, 122,817.69.

In a document seen by MAWA – Foundation that is a response to Freedom of Information (FOI) request sent to Rima Basin, the Development Authority, said it carried out the construction of a single borehole at Augie community for a whooping N159, 122,817.69.

However, in its explanation, it says it is a motorized borehole with 500,000 litres overhead tank and solar-powered.

It is not, however, clear how the Development Agency arrived at that amount for a single borehole construction as it did not show any evidence pointing out how the procurement process was followed leading to the award of the contract and selection of a contractor.

Experts who spoke to MAWA Foundation say Rima Basin may have engaged in sharp practices that appear to be a huge corruption.

One of them who is a Chief Operation Manager in a drilling company in Nigeria that has provided boreholes in many communities and has carried contract execution for government at different levels, speaking to MAWA in a condition of anonymity, described the contract as a huge corruption and contract inflation.

Rima Basin is not an exception, often, government officials in Nigeria, collude to inflate contract sums and collect kickbacks, an action that has institutionalized corruption in Nigeria.

Please note: Picture not real, used for an illustration.

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