Investigation: How NDDC awarded N150 million drainage construction to a website devpt company

In an act that appears to be tainted with corruption that points to abuse of procurement laws and processes, documents obtained from CAC show the NDDC awarded a contract for the construction of drainages to Dewfirstplus Limited, a website design and software development company.

Under the deal, the NDDC on May 31, 2012, awarded the construction of drainages on Kings Streets in Calabar South area of Cross Rivers state to Dewfirstplus Limited at the sum of N150, 000,000.00 and paid N135, 046,974.75 as the contract fee, leaving N30, 537,219.75 uncounted, 2008-2018 NDDC audit carried out by the Auditor-General shows.

Mr. Michael Osanya, a procurement expert who spoke to MAWA, expressing his disappointment, said in a situation where due process was followed in the procurement process, it is impossible to award such a contract to a website design company, and worst still the NNDC ignored competency and professionalism and gave such a contract to an unqualified company.

The company that was registered on January 13, 2011 with operational office at No. 179 Glodie Street, Calabar, has Etim Augustine Umo, Ekpenyong Esien as Directors and Ndukwe Kalu Ndukwe as Secretary.

However, MAWA Foundation visit to the project site shows it was poorly constructed with stench odour coming out from the uncovered drainage constituting health hazard to the residents.

Residents who spoke to MAWA officials expressed concern over the poor work with particular focus on the dirty water flowing in the drainage which they say breeds mosquito that leads to malaria infection.

Mr. Uduak Bassey, a community resident who described the project as uncompleted, appealed to the NDDC authority to order the contractor back to the site and ensure all the drainages are covered with concrete slabs, an action he said will save residents from health hazards the open drainages expose them.

Following a pattern of trend, the NDDC on June 8, 2005, awarded the construction of Ugep-Idomi to Messrs Henteco Associates Nigeria Limited at the sum of N459, 848,139.00 and paid N245, 816,993.48 as the contract fee, leaving N130, 854,958.73 uncounted, 2008-2018 NDDC audit carried out by the Auditor-General shows.

When MAWA officials visited Yakurr Local Government Area of Cross Rivers State, the project location, residents say the project that ought to be construction of a new road was rehabilitated.

Mr. Eunice Halim, a community resident who spoke to MAWA officials, said the road construction has helped boost economic viability in the area.

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