Fear over deplorable Jigawa community school

Fear over deplorable Jigawa community school

Parents of kids that attend Nomadic School in the Yelwa community of Jijgawa State are now afraid to send their kids to the school. The terrible dilapidated school they learn will collapse on them. A situation they fear may kill them.

The Nomadic school is located at Yelwa community in Gagarawa Local Government Area, 130 kilometres away from Dutse, the Jigawa State capital.

The residents, mainly parents of the kids, traditional rulers, and school teachers who spoke to the Centre for Education Plan, a Civic-tech organization working to promote #Accountability, #Transparency, and service delivery in Nigeria’s Education sector, in different narratives recounted how the state government has not been able to provide decent education in the area.

The school which receives no attention from the government for many years according to the residents has 112 kids, 57 males, and 55 females that rely wholly on it for their education. This is even as other kids of school age in the community will be enrolling as well.

Apart from the deplorable nature of the school, it has only two teachers.

A visit to the school shows the kids crammed in a small space with all of them having no desk to sit on. There is no single desk seen both in the classroom and the teacher’s office.

Because there is no office for both the teachers and the headteacher, they now use a hut built with Zink as their office.

The community residents who spoke in different interviews expressed fear that the school will one day collapse on their kids and kill all of them. The situation, they say they are now afraid when their kids are in school.

They are calling on the government to help provide a decent learning environment for their kids.

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