Constituency Project: Adamawa lawmaker, allegedly buys a single refurbished Hyundai Bus for N100 million

Mr. Binos Yaore, a federal lawmaker from Adamawa State has allegedly purchased a single refurbished Hyundai bus for N100 million after getting N200 million budget approval from the Federal Government of Nigeria.

Under the deal, Mr. Binos, a Senator from Adamawa State nominated the purchase of two fully-equipped Hyundai buses for Adamawa South Senatorial District, as his constituency project.

The Federal Government in the year 2021 budgeted the sum of N200 million to purchase two fully-equipped Hyundai Bus. The FG also went ahead and made fund allocations for the project.

In a deal that was struck using the Federal College of Horticulture Dandin Kowa, Gombe State, as the supervising agency, Mr. Binos, the lawmaker allegedly purchased only one Hyundai Bus for N100 million after getting N200 million budget approval from the Federal government.

It is not, however, clear how the Federal College of Horticulture Dandin Kowa, Gombe established as Agricultural Research Institutes and training, got involved in the provision of health facilities.

However, this can only happen in a country like Nigeria where there is a huge procurement process abuse. And, contract awards are often given to cronies with kickbacks considered above professional and quality delivery.

Tracka, a public accountability organization, says it tracked the project and found that the Adamawa lawmaker has delivered only one Hyundai Bus out of the two government approved N200 million for their acquisition.

Worse still, Tracka disclosed that the Adamawa lawmaker delivered a refurbished Hyundai Bus instead of a brand new government approved budget to be purchased.

Constituency projects are nominated by the lawmakers for the needs of their constituents and recommended same to the executive during budgeting; this will help to improve the living condition of the people in their constituents through building local infrastructures.

However, Nigerian experience has shown that Lawmakers do not execute constituency projects as they appear in the national budget, and getting them to account for monies approved for such intervention is always difficult.

And, often, community residents are not aware such monies have been given to their representatives, and that makes accountability very difficult.

MAWA-Foundation could not immediately reach out to the Federal College of Horticulture and the Adamawa lawmaker for official responses.

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