Nasarawa lawmaker constituency project road washes away weeks after completion

A road facilitated by Mr. Mohammed Ari, a federal lawmaker from Nasarawa State as his constituency project has been washed away by rain a few weeks after its completion.

The road that was constructed in the Toto community, Toto Local Government Area of Nasarawa state was washed away by heavy rainfall.

Nasarawa Mirror who brought the incident to the public, says the road was completed just a few weeks ago, and could not stand the test of heavy rainfall.

MAWA Foundation learned that the road that was facilitated by the lawmaker representing the people of Nasarawa/Toto Federal Constituency at the Federal House of Representatives, cost millions of Naira to be executed.

The road community sources say was constructed to ease transportation for the commuters using it, an idea that has since been defeated.

Toto failed road is a common classic example of a Nigerian experience where government officials collude with contractors to execute substandard projects while diverting the money meant to do quality work.

In a situation where the Toto road was properly done with qualified engineers together with the quality materials, it is impossible for rain to wash away a newly constructed road that has just lasted for a few weeks.

Mrs. Rosaline Uloko, a community resident who spoke to MAWA Foundation, expressed dissatisfaction over the failed road.

According to Uloko, the washing away of the road by rainfall shows how it was poorly done by the contractor and other government officials involved in the project.

Another community resident who did not want his name mentioned because of his political affiliation, described the road as most unfortunate. He appealed to the lawmaker to immediately work with the agency that supervised the road to get the contractor back to the site.

According to him, no construction has been done, the contractor must be forced back to the site to do the job he collected money to do.

“The contractor that did this rubbish must be forced back to the site to do the job he collected money for, if no money was paid to him for this job let him tell us”, the local told MAWA.

Constituency projects are nominated by the lawmakers for the needs of their constituents and recommended same to the executive during budgeting; this will help to improve the living condition of the people in their constituents through building local infrastructures.

However, Nigerian experience has shown that Lawmakers do not execute constituency projects as they appear in the national budget, and getting them to account for monies approved for such intervention is always difficult.

And, often, community residents are not aware such monies have been given to their representatives, and that makes accountability very difficult.

MAWA Foundation could not immediately reach out to Mr. Ari the Nasarawa lawmaker for an official response.

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