Constituency Project Corruption: Enugu lawmaker road washes away two months after completion

In what appears a common example in Nigeria where contractors and government officials collude to construct a substandard road, leaving monies meant for the project unaccounted for, a road constructed in Enugu community has been washed away by rain two months after it was completed.

The road that is Mr.  Cornelius Nnaji, Enugu lawmaker constituency project has been washed off by rainfall two months after it was completed and put into use.

The road that is located at the popular 48 area in Enugu before the St. Marks Anglican church off Ugwunwani Road in Abakpa, was facilitated by Nnaji as a constituency project to better the living condition of his people.

An initiative that has since failed as a result of the substandard nature of the just-completed road that could not stand the test of heavy rainfall.

Mr. Anthony Dimkpa, one of the locals that reside in the area, who spoke to MAWA-Foundation described the situation as most unfortunate.

Dimkpa said the lawmaker who represents the people of Enugu East/Isiuzo Federal Constituency at the House of Representatives has been put on notice that the road he facilitated has been washed away by the rainfall.

The washed away road Photo credit Enugu Voices
The washed-away road. Photo credit: Enugu Voices

He, however, appealed to the lawmaker to reach out to the agency that supervised the road to immediately order the contractor back to the site, describing what has been done as nonsense that cannot be condoned.

The terrible nature of the road that was exposed by Enugu Voices, is generating condemnation by Nigerians, mainly citizens from Enugu.

“Enugu youths are busy doing otimkpu for their slave masters in PDP “O jebe go! Ị jebe go!” While their slave masters continue to plunder their collective wealth, and sapping away their destinies”, Mr. Cheta Ogbuzuru, one of the citizens said.

“The tragedy of Southeast and Ndigbo. Every day we are on Social Media, Radio, and TV discussing other States outside our Zone. Cornelius Nnaji and his brothers have taken Enugu East as personal property but mbanu we are busy blaming others for self-inflicted injuries” Ijeoma Ezeasor said.

This is even as MAWA Foundation learned that the already washed road cost a huge amount to be constructed.

Constituency projects are nominated by the lawmakers for the needs of their constituents and recommended same to the executive during budgeting; this will help to improve the living condition of the people in their constituents through building local infrastructures.

However, Nigerian experience has shown that Lawmakers do not execute constituency projects as they appear in the national budget, and getting them to account for monies approved for such intervention is always difficult.

And, often, community residents are not aware such monies have been given to their representatives, and that makes accountability very difficult.

MAWA Foundation could not immediately reach out to Mr. Nnaji the Enugu lawmaker for an official response.

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