Despite N34.7 billion approval for education, Nasarawa GSS Kube Students learn under Tree

Despite N34.7 billion approval for education, Nasarawa GSS Kube Students learn under Tree

Students of Government Secondary School Kube in the Karu area of Nasarawa State are learning under a Tree despite the state government’s N34.7 billion approval for education in a single year.

The school located at the heart of Nasarawa State, less than 20 kilometres from Abuja Nigeria’s capital city can be best described as a zoo that has been left unused for over 20 years.

A visit to the school that the Nasarawa Mirror first exposed, shows classrooms with leaking roofs, broken windows, and fallen doors littered all over the environment, with the students learning under terrible conditions.

This is the situation in Government Secondary School Kube even as the Nasarawa state government 2021 allocated N34.7 billion to education.

An amount the state government claims to be expended on education, science, and ICT.

Good as this sounds, the amount is yet to reflect on the Government Secondary School Kube, a public institution many rely on for their education and learning.

Mr. Auta Sarki, a community resident, who spoke to MAWA on the condition of the school, described it as a place best suited for a zoo where animals are kept.

Sarki accused the Nasarawa state government of refusing to provide quality education and other basic necessities of life. Pointing out that many of the rural communities in the state do not have things that show there is a government in the state.

“Look at Kube College, what you see is a clear state failure, the school has collapsed and the state with its minister of education are not doing anything to rescue learning”, Sarki said.

Mr. Aliyu who prefers only his first name mentioned, while speaking on the condition of the school, told MAWA that Kube School is not the only terrible one in the area.

He pointed out that many of the public schools in the area are highly deplorable and require urgent government intervention to get them fixed for a better learning environment.

Mr. Alice Okpe, a teacher in one of the public schools, speaking to MAWA via a telephone conversation, said public education collapsed in Nasarawa state decades ago.

Okpe accused the Nasarawa state government of diverting monies meant for education. A situation she says the official engage in because their kids are in private schools.

“Public Schools died in Nasarawa state years ago, the current governor came with campaign promises to fix education and health. Move around the state, you will cry over collapsed education and health you will observe”, Okpe said.

It is unclear how the Nasarawa state government allocated N34.7 billion to education in 2021 and Government Secondary School Kube is this terrible.

MAWA could not immediately reach out to the Nasarawa State government for an official response.

nasarawa 2021 education allocation
Nasarawa 2021 Education Allocation

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