Estimated 10, 000 Akwa-Ibom residents lack access to healthcare over abandoned community hospital

An estimated 10,000 population in four communities lack access to healthcare delivery as a community hospital at Ibiaku Ikot Anse Itam in Itu Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom State continues to remain abandoned.

The hospital that has its building completed has been abandoned to rot in the bush, while residents that need it for their healthcare delivery suffer a lack of healthcare.

The abandoned hospital was constructed by Community Project Management Committee Ibiaku Ikot in collaboration with the Akwa-Ibom State Agency for Community and Social Development.

An indication that shows the Akwa-Ibom state government is aware such a hospital exists and chooses to allow it to rot away. And this is even as the community residents that depend on it for healthcare delivery continue to suffer in search of solutions to address their healthcare challenges.

The community abandoned hospital
The community abandoned hospital. Photo credit: Tracka 

The hospital has been allowed to rot away even as Federal Project Support Unit, Coordinating Community – Social Development Project, and the Akwa Ibom State Governor contributed N7.5 million to the project.

The hospital completed in the year 2020 has been allowed to rot away two years after while those it was meant to serve to continue to suffer.

It is not clear how an estimated 10,000 population lack access to healthcare delivery and a community hospital built to serve them is allowed to rot away inside a bush.

Tracka, a public accountability organization that exposed the abandoned hospital has since appealed to the Akwa-Ibom state government to ensure its optimal functionality.

MAWA-Foundation could not immediately reach out to the Akwa-Ibom state government for an official response.

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