Residents groan as bridge linking communities in Nasarawa collapses

Residents of Nasarawa State continue to groan as a bridge linking Agwada and Kokona Local Government Area of the State has since collapsed making the road inaccessible for both vehicles and motorcycles.

Reacting to the incident that has since begun having a huge consequence on the locals, Mr. Awussa Aboki, confirming the development, says the road leads to Mr. Abdulahi Adamu, the former state Governor, and the current National Chairman of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC). He, however, pointed out that the locals are hoping that Adamu will influence the government to fix the road.

“Where the former governor, senator, and APC national chairman Abdullahi Adamu comes from. But here he is everywhere making his mouth up and down with absolutely nothing to show up”, Obasi C. Jeremiah said.

Mr. Chorio Musa, who claims to have a good understanding of the road, reacting to the incident, said it was a natural phenomenon that occurred two weeks ago along Bakin Ayini Kokona Local Government Area, while he prays God helps the government to remember the communities that are affected and fix the road.

“This is a natural phenomenon that occurred two weeks ago along Bakin Ayini Kokona Local Government. May God helps us for the government to fix the road” Mr. Chorio Musa said.

Reacting to the collapsed bridge that was first exposed by Nasarawa Mirror, a community media, some of the residents accused the contractor of doing a bad job by constructing a substandard bridge, others say the incident is a natural disaster that cannot be stopped no matter how good the construction is while exonerating the contractor from any wrongdoing.

However, Mr. Jonhson Eneojo, a civil engineer who spoke to MAWA concerning the collapsed bridge, said the contractor may have done a bad job.  He pointed out that a well-constructed bridge of that nature can only be destroyed by explosives and not floating water as in the case of the Nasarawa experience.

“Quote me anywhere, the contractor did a bad job, rainfall cannot collapse a well-constructed bridge in that manner. The collapse is a consequence of a poorly executed job” Engineer Johnson said.

MAWA Foundation could not immediately reach out to the Nasarawa State government for an official response.

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