Terrible Bauchi School Despite N20 Million Renovation

Terrible Bauchi School Despite N20 Million Renovation

The Yakubu Bauchi College of Islamic Studies has continued to be in terrible condition after N20 million meant for its renovation is yet to be accounted for.

On a visit to the school that is located in Toro Local Government Area of Bauchi State, one sees a collapsing structure with students sitting on the floor during lectures. A situation that shows a total disregard for education and a lack of funding by the state,

The school has continued to be this terrible even as it got the sum of N2o million from the government for its renovation. A situation that is a common practice in Nigeria where monies meant for education and health care are misappropriated leaving the poor to bear the burden of state failure.

Despite the N20 million meant for its renovation, Tracka team that visited the school says only one block of two classrooms was renovated.

Worse still, the school has an estimated 1,500 students excluding the teachers and other staff.  It has no chairs for the students to sit on during class.  Apart from the lack of chairs in the school, it has no toilets and other basic facilities for a conducive learning environment.

Yakubu Bauchi College of Islamic Studies is not an exception, Mr. Zack Abdul, a Bauchi resident who spoke to MAWA, said there are a huge number of terrible schools in Bauchi that are begging for renovation. This is even as he accused the state government of not accounting for monies allocated to education

“There are a good number of terrible schools in Bauchi State begging for attention from the state. And, this is why we often question what the state does with the huge resources allocated for education yearly”, Abdul said.

Bauchi has continued to have deplorable schools even as it is one of the states that have very unpleasant records regarding school enrolment and enlightened citizens.

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MAWA Foundation could not immediately reach out to the Bauchi State government for an official response.

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