MAWA-Foundation receives IU Grant

MAWA-Foundation receives IU Grant

The Media Advocacy West Africa Foundation (MAWA-Foundation) is happy to receive the International Union for Land Value Taxation Grant.

In the new grant, the International Union for Land Value Taxation supports MAWA-Foundation to undertake the Nigeria Land Value Taxation Project (NILAVAT-Project). An initiative targeted at educating government officials and stakeholders to accept and adopt Land Value Taxation and practice.

The acceptance and adoption of Land Value Taxation will allow government generates revenues to provide basic infrastructure and services for the citizens with the ultimate goal of reducing inequalities and promoting inclusive development.

It will also allow citizens especially the poor have access to the land whose price has gone higher beyond their reach, paving way for developers and speculators to have huge control over land ownership and control.

The project is a pilot project that covers Federal Capital Territory (FCT) six Area Councils.

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