FCT-Abuja community children learn under deplorable condition

FCT-Abuja community children learn under deplorable condition

Deshi Paikon Kore Community Children of Gwagwalada Area Council in Nigeria Federal Capital Territory (FCT) are learning under a despicable condition that is not fit for kids’ education.

A visit to the LEA Primary School Deshi Paikon Kore shows the deplorable condition of the classrooms with kids seen learning on a bare floor.

Monitng a public accountability organization that exposed the terrible nature of the school, appealed to the Federal Capital Territory Authority (FCTA) to help fix it.

Mr. Clement, a primary school teacher who spoke to MAWA Foundation about the condition of public schools in FCT, described them as terrible while pointing out that children in many of the schools in the rural areas no longer have classrooms that enable a conducive learning environment.

Public schools in FCT continue to be in terrible condition after the Federal Capital Territory Administration (FCTA) had expended the sum of N280.529 billion allocations to fund education.

Data from Education Secretariat shows that the FCTA in nine years, from 2007 to 2016 spent the sum of N280.529 billion allocations on education.

Good as it sounds, despite the huge sum that had been expended on education, public schools across the six Area Councils in FCT are in dire terrible condition that needs urgent intervention to fix them.

Some of the teachers who spoke to MAWA officials disclosed that Dobi is not the only community with terrible schools, they pointed out that many schools in Gwagwalada and Kuje are without classrooms and teachers.

Children in a deplorable classroom
Children in a deplorable classroom.  Photo Credit: Monitng

A senior official of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Education Board who spoke to MAWA – Foundation and does not want his identity disclosed, attributed the deplorable condition of public schools in FCT to corruption. According to him, many of the funds meant to improve education in public schools usually end up in private pockets with no one being held accountable.

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“As a senior official in FCT Education Board, I can tell you that corruption is the only reason we have deplorable public schools all over the FCT. Money meant for the schools is stolen by the officials” he alleged.

MAWA-Foundation could not immediately reach out to the FCTA and FCT Board for an official response.

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