Alanna Hartzok to its Board of Trustees Members

MAWA-Foundation Announces Appointment of New Board Member

August 27, 2023

The Media Advocacy West Africa (MAWA-Foundation) on August 27, 2023, appointed Alanna Hartzok to its Board of Trustees Members.

Alanna Hartzok is an educator, activist, and lecturer in the areas of economic justice, land rights, and land-value tax reform. She is vast in knowledge and has given presentations in approximately 40 countries of the world.

She is co-director of Earth Rights Institute; General Secretary for the International Union for Land Value Taxation; Global Outreach Coordinator for the Robert Schalkenback Foundation; and a member of the Advisory Council for the Prout Research Institute of Venezuela.

Under contract with the UN HABITAT’s Global Land Tool Network, she developed an online course and training program that now has over 900 people enrolled from 95 countries. The website is here:

Her book The Earth Belongs to Everyone (2008) received the Radical Middle Book Award. In 2011 she received the International Earth Day Award from the Earth Society Foundation.

Hartzok was a 2014 Democratic candidate who sought election to the U.S. House to represent the 9th Congressional District of Pennsylvania. She ran unopposed in the Democratic primary on May 20, 2014.

Hartzok will bring great perspective and expertise to MAWA-Foundation that will be instrumental to our growth and mandate delivery.

We are excited to have Hartzok on board.

Audu Liberty Oseni,

Coordinator, MAWA-Foundation


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