FCT Community Children Learn Under Tree

FCT Community Children Learn Under Tree

Over 97 Children of Alamu Dobi community in Gwagwalada Area Council of Nigeria’s Federal Capital Territory continue to learn under a tree, a situation that is making learning very frustrating for the kids and their parents.

Deplorable learning conditions have continued to persist in FCT despite the huge amount of money that has been expended over the years by the authorities on education.

For instance, the Federal Capital Territory Administration (FCTA) in just nine years allocated the sum of N280.529 billion to education. Yet, public schools in FCT-Abuja continue to be in a sad deplorable condition.

Despite the huge sum expended on education by the FCT, the Children of Alamu Dobi community continue to learn under a tree.

It is unclear how the FCTA expended N280.529 billion in education in nine years, and the Alamu Dobi community is this despicable.

Mr. Usman Mohammed, a community champion, who claims to have done extensive community jobs in the areas of education and health across Area Councils in FCT, told MAWA Foundation that many schools in FCT are in despicable condition and not conducive for the kids to learn.

Miss Uwazuike, a teacher in one of the schools in Gwagwalada Area Council, while speaking on the current condition of schools and education in FCT, told MAWA that the deplorable condition in many public schools in FCT is so huge and must be addressed if the government wants a better education for the kids.

“Being a teacher for the last 17 years, I have witnessed education decline to this deplorable state, and the government is not bothered, this is bad for the nation’s future and must be immediately addressed.

Some of the teachers and education stakeholders who spoke to MAWA officials accused the FCT authority of mismanaging resources allocated to education under their care.

A primary School teacher who prefers his identity to be concealed, while speaking to MAWA, described public schools in Gwagwalada, as hugely despicable and below standard.

According to him, virtually all the Primary and Secondary Schools located in the rural areas of FCT are in deplorable condition. They do not fit into a conducive environment for decent learning.

The implication is that, if the FCTA and Gwagwalada Area Council continue to allow public schools to be this deplorable, many children in the rural areas, particularly those from poor homes will be denied access to quality education. And, this has a dire consequence on the nation’s development.

If schools in FCT and other communities in Nigeria are allowed to be in this deplorable condition, Nigeria’s chances of achieving SDGs goal 4 (quality education) will be very much impossible.

Monitng, a public accountability civic organization that first exposed how the Alamu Dobi community children learn under a tree, has since appealed to the FCT authority to help fix the school.

MAWA-Foundation could not immediately contact Gwagwalada Area Council Authority for an official response.

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