Ajaka Primary school in deplorable condition

The Local Government Education Authority, (LGEA) Primary School Ajaka is in a state of deplorable condition and needs urgent government intervention, MAWA Foundation has uncovered.

A visit to the primary school by the MAWA Foundation officials shows it has since collapsed and needs government intervention.

This is even as many parents living at Ajaka do not have money to send their kids to private school and depend largely on public schools for their children’s education.

Despite the poverty level been suffered by parents at Ajaka, parents are forced to send their kids to private schools as public schools in the area have since collapsed with many of the teachers no longer going to teach.

Ajaka Primary School is not the only dilapidated school, across the state, the public primary school has since collapsed while many parents have pulled their children out of public school and enrolled them in private schools as the only alternative.

Checks by MAWA Foundation across the state shows many of the public primary schools particularly in rural areas have collapsed building while pupils learn under a terrible condition with no chairs and leaking roofs.

In some of the public primary schools that are still standing, there are no teachers to teach the pupils as some of them have not been paid for months.

James Oma, who is a teacher in one of the primary schools, told MAWA Foundation that there are no more public primary schools in Kogi state; he accused the state government of allowing public primary schools to collapse for lack of adequate attention.

“The collapse of public education in Kogi state is glaring, across the state there is no more education, what we have is a pretense in the name of education,” Oma said.

Worse still, the state in 2020 budgeted the sum of N400 million for the renovation of its Deputy Governor’s lodge.

The dilapidated school
The dilapidated school
The dilapidated school
The dilapidated school


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